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After a loved one has passed away, the property in their estate needs to be distributed. If they had a Will, the assets are distributed according to their written wishes. If there is no Will, the assets will be distributed according to Connecticut intestate statute. Regardless of how the assets are distributed, the Will must be probated in a Connecticut court of probate to ensure legality of all of the transfers.

At the Law Office of Gilman & Francis, LLC , our Norwalk, Connecticut, firm provides clients with representation for probate administration. We assist the executor/personal representative with the collection of assets, payment of debts and the final distribution of the property of the estate. Whether you have a contested or uncontested probate matter, our firm advises you of your rights and interests. Contact an attorney at the firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.

The Probate Process

Probating an estate is a process that involves the court-supervised transfer of assets and property to the beneficiaries of the estate. The executor/personal representative also is responsible for preparing any final tax returns for the decedent, including any estate or gift tax returns that need to be prepared. Lastly the executor/personal representative is responsible for the final distribution of the assets.

Will Contests

A Will contest may arise when an individual that is not named in the Will believes he or she is entitled to some of the assets. Our firm has experience advising both executor/personal representatives and potential heirs with matters involving Will contests. The firm reviews all pertinent information and advises the clients as to their options and likelihood of success.


Our firm also helps clients with the court of probate when seeking to obtain a conservatorship. A conservator has authority to supervise the financial affairs and well being of a person found to be incapable of managing his or her own.

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